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Investing in your business demands your energy, time, and money. For your small to medium business, thinking it’s challenging makes a lot of sense. That’s why at Scale Minds, we have devised solutions to meet your costs and save your time as well. Our services are designed to achieve the maximum results possible for a fraction of the costs involved elsewhere.

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With over 100 highly satisfied clients, we have pulled some serious numbers over the last few years.

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Why Scale Minds should be your preferred Digital Marketing Agency?

Your platform, our growth strategies
Whether you want to grow organically or want to advertise, we are here for you. Our personalized marketing and advertising strategies will help you scale your business of any platform you want.
Give your online business a boost
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, our dream team at Scale Minds is going to devise personalized growth methods and strategies for your business. Whether it’s new markets that you want to tap or a very specific group of audience you want to target, we will make it all possible.
A loyal customer base for your business
Our detailed targeting methods allow us to bridge the gap between your product/service and the customers that are in need of these services. With our insightful metric system, we ensure proper measurement of your ad performance in terms of our most important KPIs.
Exceptional user experience, every time
User experience and feasibility are what matter the most to us. Our scalability solutions infuse life and growth into your business to make it stand apart from the rest. All your requirements, our team make sure to fulfill them.

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Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions by our prospective customers.

With increasing competition, it is important to be on top of search engine rankings. And SEO is the only option for you to help rank your website.

If organic traffic is your target, then it is not just important but mandatory for you to implement all SEO parameters on your website.

Yes, of course you can surely do SEO in-house but definitely it’s not your strength. You need to hire expert an SEO team and thereafter a host of SEO tools. Combined they cost you both time and money.

This is why, all companies that depend on organic traffic for their services outsource SEO to digital marketing agencies.

There are hundreds of SEO companies but Scale Minds stands out because of its performance stats.

Furthermore, Scale Minds services are not just limited to SEO but include a host of other digital marketing services mainly PPC and social media ads.

And if you need these services, you just don’t need to hire another company but bring Scale Minds on-board for better packages.

There are several ready-made website themes but they don’t really reflect your branding. Further customization of these themes will additionally cost you a more than the theme itself.

In such cases, it is best advised to hire and expert web design and development company that develops your website according to your brand guidelines.

After you decide to hire an agency to develop your custom website, it is best advised to draft

  •         What are your exact requirements?
  •         The type of website you want?
  •         Budget you can allocate for the project?

Thereafter, you select a company that has the caliber to meets all your requirements. Request them for all prior references and compare if these business cases have met your expectations.

If you are a big organization and your requirement too is sophisticated then you can go with an RFI/RFP process. Else if your requirement is small to mid-level you can directly hire a company.

First off, it is best to request select companies to send their prior business cases with project details, cost comparison and delivery timelines.

If either you or any of your clients are looking for ad services, Scale Minds is always open to offering our services white labelled for you. The services will be fronted as per client requirements while the entire backend process will of Scale Minds.

Well, Scale Minds has its presence in entire social media buying, PPC ad services, SEO and white lable content services

The turnaround time for these services to go live depends on the client requirement and the level of customizations. However, from our prior expertise offering to previous clients, the services should go live between 3 to 7 days of onboarding. Final timelines can be discussed in detail during advance level of negotiations.

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