How To Generate Leads For Overseas Education

Overseas Education Growth Overseas Education is one of the first businesses to have explored digital marketing for generating leads. Being early into the online arena, the competition between these consultancies is also quite high. Challenges “Tons of leads coming from digital marketing are mere enquiries…. Filtering them to indentify the qualified ones is another task […]

How To Generate Leads For Online Classes

“Marketing is all about building trust and relation. If we don’t follow this ultimately we all tend to fail easily” Online Education Growth During and post COVID-19 pandemic, E-com, work from home and online classes have become a part of life for households, employees and students.  This opened the opportunity for coaching institutes and lifestyle […]

How To Generate Leads For Interior Designers

Scope For Interior Designers Market Interior designing is no longer a luxury but almost mandatory Demand is huge Highest Margins for interior designers Intense competition The Challenge “The biggest challenge for 75% of marketers is generating high-quality leads.” Why is lead generation important? Identify prospective customers Get their contact information Pitch your services Old School […]

How To Generate Leads Catering Business

Scope of Catering Business According to FCCI, the catering service industry in India has been consistently growing with 15 – 20% irrespective of the economic crises. India , can be known as country of numerous festivals and ceremonies(Social, personal and professional) Thus , we see BOOM in the catering Industry How the Face of the […]