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Hello! I am Anjaneyulu Jadda - A Certified Google Ads Specialist in India with 8+ years of industry experience.

I have helped startups, small businesses to multinational companies generate THE BEST RESULTS across all industry verticals. Please take a quick look at our stats below.

Are these challenges denting your Google Ads performance?

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Why choose Anjaneyulu Jadda as your Google
Ads Expert in India?

Anjaneyulu’s work and expertise in all forms of business domains gives him the authority to claim himself as the best in the industry. However, the following are a few considerables to support his claim.

Google Ads Expert with an 9 years of experience

Assured Virtual In-House Expertise

Considering the average Google Ads Cost in India, Anjaneyulu provides best-in-class strategies tailored to your needs to draw customer retention and mark your business footprints on Google-affiliated digital platforms.

Visual Progress In Less Time

Businesses Anjaneyulu worked with multiplied the outcomes by 3x within the first quarter. Of these, most companies consulted through referrals or searched on Google for the Google ads expert near me.

Top Rated Google Ads Consultant

Considering the average Google Ads Cost in India, Anjaneyulu provides best-in-class strategies tailored to your needs to draw customer retention and mark your business footprints on Google-affiliated digital platforms.

projects completed
certified google ads expert

Anjaneyulu’s Google Ads expertise in numbers


Anjaneyulu’s Google Ads expertise isn’t just about numbers; it’s about driving real, measurable impact and helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Average ROI

Generated Average ROI of all Industries

8.7 x

Global User Engagement

260 Million rightly targeted users engaged through ad campaigns

global user eng

Google Ads Spent

More than USD 15 million spent on Google Ad Campaigns globally

$ 15M

I assure Improved ROAS

Anjaneyulu Jadda has been working for many business domains and can tailor different strategies to bid better prices for Google Ads assuring the better ROAS for your business product and services.
As an expert team, we keep our efforts high and bring your website more closer to the target audience, which in turn helps your business rank on the Google’s Search Engine Resulting Page in-terms of Ads ranking or position. 

ROAS Imporvment

How Anjaneyulu empowers your business as a
Google Ads Consultant?

Anjaneyulu’s work and expertise in all forms of business domains gives him the authority to claim himself as the best in the industry. However, the following are a few considerable to support his claim.

Domain research

Domain Specific, Research Based Strategies

Anjaneyulu specializes in creating tailored strategies based on deep industry research. This approach ensures highly effective, customized solutions that directly address the unique challenges and opportunities within a specific domain, leading to measurable success for clients.

ROI driven apporach in google ads

ROI Driven Approach To Sky-Rocket Desired Output

Anji's ROI-driven approach focuses on maximizing returns through data-driven decisions and continuous optimization. Tailoring strategies to each client's unique needs, this method ensures significant, measurable success by prioritising high-impact activities and leveraging synergies across channels.

Finding right target audience

Expertise in Finding the Right Target Audience

Jadda excels in identifying the right target audience for his clients, utilizing a blend of analytics and market insights. His approach ensures tailored strategies that resonate with the intended audience, optimizing engagement and maximizing campaign effectiveness.

to know what exactly is stopping your business to generate 3x returns


Spent on Google Ads


Clients Served


Average ROI


Users engaged globally

About Anjaneyulu

With OVER 9 YEARS of industry expertise in Google Ads, I have successfully managed $15M+ of overall ad spend while keeping the CPC to its lowest in the industry and become a renowned Google Ads Expert in India

I have helped businesses of all sizes, small or big, and from all industry verticals, generate quality leads, boost sales and achieve desired results.

Besides improving brand visibility and order volumes, I also help my clients increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) and bring down their advertising cost of sale (CPC).

I have served businesses from I possess the unique experience of working for clients from diverse industry verticals, from high competitive retail sector to high risk financial markets. The segments include, Holidays & Travels, Health, Education, Retail, Real Estate, FMCG, Banking & Investment, eCommerce etc.

Google Ads Expert with an 9 years of experience

"I help brands of all sizes grow FASTER, think BIGGER, and convert BETTER through Google paid advertising"

I Specialize In...

I specialize in creating custom, tailor-made campaigns based on your precise marketing goals, brand strategy, and the desired results for your investment.

Search Ads

Text ads on Google search results

Shopping Ads

Product listings on Google

Video Ads

Video ads on YouTube

App Ads

Your app promotion on many channels

Why wait, let's talk about your business and marketing goals.

I Provide Services for...

I provide top-notch services for all types business categories


Maximize the use of your Pay Per Click dollars with Google Ads for Ecommerce.

Tour & Travel

Advanced pay-per-click calls generations & management for the online travel vertical?

Medical Tourism

Comprehensive medical tourism consultancy and online promotion.


Create better PPC marketing for your college/university with these education leads.

Music & Media

YouTube ppc advertising is a way to advertise on the Internet.

Health & Hospitals

Generate leads & calls from Paid advertisements for your health / hospitals.

Tech Support

Create & Generate Calls for your services support business through online.

Finance & Loan

Pay Per Click advertising for finance loan & insurance business.

A Glimpse of Anjaneyulu’s Success Stories in
helping Global Clients

An exclusive look at Anjaneyulu’s remarkable success stories, showcasing his expertise in empowering global clients to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.
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Shopify Store Ecom Results

Check out the impressive results from our 
e-commerce store on Shopify! Learn the strategies and tools we used to boost sales and grow online.

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Generated a good number of calls with call only Ads

Google Ads is driving a strong number of calls for businesses. Learn strategies and insights for maximizing lead generation through targeted advertising!

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Google Ads dashboard view of 26000 Leads Generated In 3 months

Get an inside look at the Google Ads dashboard that generated over 26,000 leads in just three months. Learn effective strategies and tactics!

Let's talk about your brands, products and marketing goals.

Esteemed Clientele

Here are some of my esteemed clients who have witnessed substantial growth in lead volumes, sales and overall revenues, after associating with me.

I have served startups, new and existing brands from across the world. My clientele spans across India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Dubai.

Health mantra
Investor dairy
Fbs business school
Quants grow
Measurer marketer
F9 info technologies
Corporate chanakya
ROI Minds
Sarika Rangani
END NOW foundation
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Leading Google Ads expert, serving clients globally

Serving in 15+ Countries

Anjaneyulu Jadda’s Google Ads expertise has benefited diverse businesses globally. Have served clients in the following countries for over a decade.

Anjaneyulu As One Man Army for your Marketing Maze

Anjaneyulu was a self-taught Google Ads Expert in the beginning but later attended many talk shows and tech meets to accumulate experts’ knowledge, build his own skill repository, and develop strategies that work for different niches.


Started blogging out of curiosity about ads appearing on exam results websites and the possibility of earning revenue per ad displayed.

2013 - 2015

Embarked on a journey of self-learning about blogging, website creation, and digital revenue generation. Created multiple blogs with the expectation of high visitor traffic, but initially experienced limited success, with only 100 to 150 visitors and $1 revenue per day.

2015 - 2016

Delved deeper into understanding search engine optimization (SEO) to drive website traffic and enhance revenue streams. Experimented with partnerships for websites and YouTube channels, but ultimately parted ways due to limited returns.


Transitioned towards exploring affiliate marketing through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, seeking connections within the industry and generating revenue.


Explored opportunities in service-based and 
e-commerce businesses, pitching services to clients and leveraging SEO and WordPress for results. Introduced Google Ads services to cater to clients' demands for quick results, expanding the scope of services offered.


Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, joined ROI MINDS as 
a media buying junior, quickly advancing to project manager for various ad projects. Managed media buying for around 20 businesses, handling Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and primarily Facebook Ads.


Faced health challenges due to excessive workload and stress, leading to facial palsy and eventual departure from ROI MINDS to prioritize health.

2021 Till Date

Founded Scale Minds, a digital marketing agency, leveraging accumulated experience to provide comprehensive digital solutions. Currently leading a team of nearly 15 members, focused on delivering high-quality outcomes for clients and expanding client base.

Certified Google Ads Expert in India - Anjaneyulu

Anjaneyulu’s prowess through his Google Network certifications. With credentials spanning Google
Ads, Google Analytics, and more, his expertise ensures unparalleled proficiency in navigating the digital
advertising landscape. See his certifications below.

Google Ads Search Certification

Expertise in driving targeted traffic through optimized search ad campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads Certification

Proficiency in optimizing product listings for maximum visibility.

Google Ads Display Certification

Expertise in crafting visually captivating ad campaigns for diverse audiences.

Google Ads Video Certification

Mastery in creating engaging video ad content to captivate viewers.

Google Ads App Certification

Mastery in mobile advertising strategies.

business people meeting firce for google ads

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catalyst today and tomorrow

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any little doubts, like many others, we are ready to clarify. Following are a few frequently asked questions by clients. And if you need further information, please do write to us, we are always happy to help you.

Based out of Hyderabad, India. Scale Minds is an organisation with well-defined team structure. We have dedicated teams for each individual department

  • Business development 
  • On-boarding
  • Account managers
  • SEO
  • PPC 
  • Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Research & Development
  • Accounting

 As a client, you will be responsible for,

  • Filling up on-boarding form with details on your requirements
  • Maintaining minimum Ad account balances for smooth running of campaigns
  • Attend weekly review calls for performance monitoring and improvements
  • Regular account related settlements

At Scale Minds, you will be assigned a single point of contact from our Sales & Business Development team.

Furthermore, for smooth day-to-day coordination, there will be a dedicated account manager.

3 to 7 days from date of on-boarding.

PS: If landing pages are to be built in addition, it might take 3 to 4 days of extra time.

For quick results, Scale Minds, on your behalf will create and manage ad accounts to fulfill your sales & leads target requirements.

Roles and responsibilities between both the parties can be fully defined at the time of on-boarding.

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